The fees for the different trainings and activities offered by Mindfulness Academy of Asia are outlined below.


Trainings and Activities Fees
 Overnight Retreat for Educator

 2,500 baht per person

 2,000 per person for a group of 3  or more
 Family Retreat

 2,500 baht per adult

 1,500 baht per child
 Professional Development Training   by Dr. Brian Perkins

 6,000 baht per person per day

 5,000 baht person per day for a group of 3 or   more (includes lunch  and two tea breaks)
 Mindfulness coloring class  500 baht per class
 Mindfulness movement  class   250 baht  per  class
 Mindfulness  breathing class  Free of  charge
 Registration fee  500 baht per person


For additional information, please send  an email  to gift@asb.ac.th